Real Estate Private Broker main services





Differentiated listing of the property

By allowing to manage the entire listing process of your property and combining with the services described below, I will be able to promote the sale in a unique and differentiated way.


Definition of the sale price

In order to bring the highest possible profitability in the shortest period of time, but without compromising potential buyers, I will advise, based on comparison analyses, what is the balanced price for your property.


A single photo shoot

A single high-quality photo shoot will be available, which will serve as basis for advertising and marketing campaigns in all media, whether online or offline, contracted by me directly or by strategic partners.


Representation of the property with the real estate mediation agencies

Over the years, I have been able to establish several partnerships with other real estate agents and agencies, both national and international.


Choice of real estate agencies for joint advertising

It is important to define the right profile of your property and make it combine with the agencies who best respond to that profile. These will be the right companies to promote the property.


Choice and definition of which websites and real estate portals are going to have advertisements

It is important to ensure the exposure of the property, in order to reach all potential buyers, but without saturating its visibility. So, for each agency with joint advertising, will be defined which websites and real estate portals are allowed.


Single communication channel

So you don't have to repeat yourself or receive calls from professionals you don't know, it'll all be focused on the same professional, to and from you.


Scheduling and monitoring visits with potential buyers

For each application relating to the property, regardless of its origin, will be managed and accompanied by the same professional. Additionally, for showing requests, it is intended to verify that the property fits the profile established by the client.


Regular updates on the sales process

To insure constant updates of the work that is being developed, as well the return that the market gives us about the property.


Monitoring of the entire buying and selling process

With the reservation of the property, it is intended to follow the entire sales process, namely in obtaining documents and / or the recommendation of qualified professionals for legal and tax advice.





Single communication channel

So you don’t have to repeat yourself, or receive calls from many professionals, it will all be centered on the same person, to and from you.


Investment profile analysis

Because we are not all the same, it is important to analyze in detail the research criteria so that counseling is tailored to you.


Transferring the entire real estate network

In addition of my own database, partnerships are established with other professionals and real estate agencies, allowing you to have access to all properties available on the market.



With the daily changes in the real estate market, it is important to keep you updated on the latest market trends and new properties available, so you can make the best investment decision.



Throughout the process, from the definition of investment profile to the realization of the business, I will always be available to you.



If needed, I have available a network of partners and suppliers, such as lawyers, designers, contractors or others, so that you always feel accompanied on all fronts.