Property Taxes

“IMI” - Municipal Property Tax
Annual tax, mandatory for all owners. It is a percentage (variable according to the municipality where it is inserted) that falls on the tax asset value (VPT) on any building in Portugal, whether urban or rustic.

“IMT” - Municipal Tax on Onerous Real Estate Transfers
One-time tax, paid by the time of acquisition. Varies according to:
  • acquisition value of the property or VPT (whichever is higher)
  • rate to be applied (ranges from 1 to 8%)
  • location (Mainland Portugal or islands)
  • purpose (own and permanent housing or secondary housing)


“IS” - Stamp Duty
One-time tax, paid simultaneously with “IMT”. It is a fixed percentage of 0.8% under the acquisition value or the VPT (whichever is higher).

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