Necessary documents for the celebration of a deed

Are you aware of all documents necessary to purchase a property?

Depending on the purchase or type of sale, it may vary the documentation required to carry out a deed of a property.

There are documents common to any acquisition:

  • Building booklet "caderneta predial", or in its absence, "IMI Model I"
  • Permanent certificate of land registry (commonly known certificate of registry)

If the acquisition is of a property already built, regardless of whether in total or horizontal ownership, the following documents are required:

  • License to use "licença de utilização" - this document is mandatory for all constructions after August 1951
  • Energy certificate
  • Housing factsheet "ficha técnica de habitação" - mandatory document for all licences issued after March 2004
  • Floor plans

In some cases, other documents may also be requested, such as:

  • Toponymic certificate - if there is a non-conformity address in the different documents
  • Infrastructure certificate - if the allotment permit was registered after 1992, without security and on the first transmission.
  • "Distrate" - if there is a voluntary mortgage on the property
  • Declaration of the exercise of the rights of preference - if there is any person, entity or institution, public or private, who has this right and proves his resignation

Be aware that the documents must be valid, on time and in some cases, certified.

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