Real Estate Private Broker

Real Estate Private Broker is always aiming for better solutions for the needs and concerns of the Home Owners.


How many times have you thought... ?


“ I'm tired of speaking with so many agents... "

" So many photo shoots... "

" So many repeated announcements of my house... "

" The agent who showed my house didn’t even knew the property... "

" I don't know what's going on with the sale of my house… "

" In which agencies should I list my property...? "



In order to address these flaws, an independent agent can be a true representative of each Owner, like a personal assistant for the real estate market. By establishing strategic partnerships with other brokers and agencies, it's possible to save time and resources to each Seller, by doing all the work for them.


What about Buyers?

They weren't forgotten either!


Although initially first mission was to find solutions for the Sellers, the vision on how to be a true representative also applies to Investors. With a single consultant, you can know and visit all available properties on the market.


Know in detail each service provided, whether you are a Seller or a Buyer